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Why migrate an Azure Pay as you Go Subscription to a CSP Partner

Much has been written about Microsoft Azure subscriptions and the best and most cost effective way to manage those subscriptions but what are the real benefits of migrating all of your resources and user accounts for a Pay as you Go (PAYG) subscription in Microsoft Azure to a CSP (Cloud Services Provider) subscription

Deploying resources in Azure requires a subscription with Microsoft. By far the easiest way to get started is to spin up a PAYG subscription for 30 days (first $150 free), provide Microsoft a valid credit card and they will deduct your costs every month from the card.

You can literally start deploying resources 5 minutes and around 7 clicks from the time you get logged in.

Remember, an Azure subscription is free, it's the resources you consume within that subscription that cost.

So, now that you have your subscription, what are the benefits of moving it to a CSP Partner?

Here are the 7 reasons why you would move your subscription to a CSP Partner:

  1. Account Management - your CSP Partner becomes responsible for your billing. Rather that paying for resources by credit card, your CSP Partner will send a monthly invoice for the cost of your subscription which should be the same amount you were previously paying
  2. Technical Support - rather than contact Microsoft for technical support, you will now contact your CSP Partner who is likely to be in the same time zone and region as you. If the issue requires Microsoft intervention, your CSP Partner will broker that intervention and assist with the resolution
  3. Costs Control - a CSP Partner lives and breathes Azure so they know all the areas you can save costs using features like Reserved Instances and licensing. Without a CSP Partner you are on your own and more than likely to pay more than you need to for the very same resources you consume
  4. Flexibility - in Azure, you only pay for what you consume. Managing that consumption is the skill of a seasoned CSP Partner. They can assist you with spinning down resources at times of underutilisation and starting things like Virtual Machines ready for the working day
  5. Disaster Recovery - perhaps you are an experienced data recovery expert but in most business scenarios, disaster recovery is something that comes around once in a 'blue moon'. If you experience a disaster, you are going to want a CSP Partner (aka friend) who looks after many customers and is deploying proven techniques for disaster recovery so you can be back up and running in the shortest possible time. One single disaster recovery event could make the entire migration three years prior worth every cent
  6. Speed & Agility - getting help in deploying Azure resources is inevitable. If your next project needs to be out in the next few days and you don't know where to start, don't waste weeks of your life reading forums. A CSP partner will have deployed the same for another customer and should be used to help out
  7. Change Management - if there is one thing for sure about the Cloud, change is happening every day. Unless you have an appetite for reading tons and tons of technical documentation and delivering a few costly mistakes, get a CSP Partner to effect any updates and changes to make the most out of Azure. They are a resource themselves and should be engaged to minimise your costs. After all, resources cost the same under PAYG as they do in a CSP Agreement!

The migration path to a CSP Partner is simple and requires no down time. Your CSP partner will take care of the technical part and for all intents and purposes, the next time you login, nothing will have changed.