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KB5008: How to Wipe a mobile device in Office 365 Mobile Device Management

If a mobile device such as an iPhone, iPad or Android gets lost or stolen it could possibly have sensitive data that needs to be removed. To wipe a mobile device remotely it needs to be added to the Mobile Device Management console. When a mobile device is signed into an Office 365 App (Word, Excel) or an Outlook App on a mobile device it automatically gets added to the Mobile Device Management console.

1. To access the Mobile Device Management console type in a web browser and sign in with your Office 365 username and password and click on the Gear icon at the top right and click on Mail which will open the Outlook Web App.

2. On the left hand pane click on General -> Mobile devices which will open the Mobile Device Management console.

3. The Mobile Device Management console will display which mobile devices that have been synchronised with your Office 365 account. Select the device to wipe and select either Wipe all data (NOTE: This will factory reset the phone so use with caution) or Wipe only data related to this account (This will wipe only your Office 365 data such as Outlook and OneDrive).

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