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KB8004: Installing 3CX Softphone on a Mobile Device

In this article we will show you how to get the 3CX softphone onto your mobile device. Once the softphone is installed on your device and registered, you'll be able to start making and receiving calls.

Step 1 - Open the Welcome email using the email software on your mobile device

Step 2 - On your phone, click the link for either iOS or Android depending on the model of phone. (In this example we will open the file on an iPhone but the instructions are very similar for Android)

Step 3 - Now click the 'install' button located as shown below

Step 4 - Select 'Open' to open the software.

Step 5 - Follow the on screen prompts by allowing all prompts. These are necessary for the phone to function properly on your mobile phone.

Note: it is not necessary to allow 3CX to access to your contacts but if you wish to use your contacts you'll need to allow at the prompt

Step 6 - Select Scan QR code and you will see the camera open on your mobile device and scan one of the QR codes included with the Welcome email.

Note: these QR codes are extension specific so make sure you set up different extensions on different phones

Congratulations! You have now registered your extension on the softphone.

You can confirm that this has completed successfully by looking at the extension name and making sure it corresponds with the information you received in your Welcome email.

If everything has been completed successfully, your Presence status will show 'Available' and your phone will indicate 'ON HOOK' which is confirmation you can start making calls.

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