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KB8005: Making and Receiving Calls

In this article, we'll show how you can make and receive calls from your extension to another extension and an external phone number.

Making an extension to extension call

We will use the example of a person making a call from extension 1 to a collegue on extension 2

Step 1 - Open your softphone on either your Desktop or mobile device and enter the extension number you wish to call.

Step 2 - Press the green CALL button

Note: See below for an example where the person on extension 1 is making a call to their collegue on extension 2.

Making an outbound number call

To call an outbound number all you need to do is dial the number exactly the same as you did for making an extension to extension call and press the green CALL button.

This works much the same as calling another extension (show above)

Receiving inbound calls

To answer an inbound call, click on answer when you see the call appear on your phone. If you don’t want to accept the call you can press decline button.

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