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KB8009: How to Set Up Web Conferencing

In this article we are going to show how to create a Web Conference in a few simple steps.

Step 1 - Open the 3cx softphone application and select the "Start a 3CX Web Meeting Now" icon start web meeting

Step 2 - This will open Web Conferencing in your default browser and prompt for login

Note: Web Conferencing only works in Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera web browsers. Depending on your computer settings, you may have to copy / paste the URL (web address from the Address Bar) if you are using Microsoft Edge as your default browser, into one of these alternate browsers in order to continue

Step 3 - You'll need allow the use of your microphone and camera for the conference when prompted, click Log In

Navigating the Screen

The icons across the top of the window enable different actions. Icons from left to right

  1. Camera icon – turns your camera off/on
  2. Microphone icon – mutes your audio or turns it back on again
  3. Recording icon – records the web conference and also stops recording if need be
  4. Screen sharing icon – allows you to share your screen through out the conversation so the people you are conferencing with can see what you see
  5. Share icon – allows you to share pdf’s to other users in the conference
  6. Whiteboard icon – allows you to turn the white board function on or off
  7. Poll icon – allows you to turn on polling
  8. End meeting icon – allows you to leave the conference

The icons at the top right of the window let you:

  1. Invite attendees
  2. Copy meeting link in order to email it to people who will join the meeting
  3. Change settings for the web meeting
  4. Navigate to full screen mode
  5. You can use the Meeting Chat window to chat to meeting participants whilst in a Web Conference

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