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KB9006: Troubleshooting MYOB Hosted Performance

The MYOB Hosted service is simply a 'cloud' delivery of the MYOB AccountRight 'classic' suite of applications. The following is a list of troubleshooting steps you can perform to help improve the performance of your MYOB company file.

One of the more common calls to our Service Centre is about performance. The information here sets out some guidelines as to how your experience may be affected by perceived performance problems and what you can do to diagnose and resolve.

It should be pointed out that ozBeanz is not MYOB Australia. We are not responsible for the application nor any of the problems that exist within the application. Our sole responsibility is to ensure the application is delivered 24/7/365 and your data is both safe and backed up. Whilst we will assist in a limited capacity with getting you to your application and keeping you in there and working, any direct problems with your MYOB application need to be directed to MYOB Australia.

MYOB AccountRight 'classic' v19 is a Desktop application. This means, it is meant to be purchased and installed on your PC or workstation. The MYOB Hosted solution from ozBeanz is nothing more than an Internet delivery of workstation software. We have not altered or changed the application in any way. Our solution merely solves some problems for businesses that want remote, multi-user access to their software.


Any Internet delivered software will be subject to the quality and performance of your own Internet connection. The better your speeds, the more responsive the application. 

One of the most critical components is your upload speed. If you have very poor upload speed or your colleagues are presently using all of your bandwidth uploading files or email, your performance will be slow. The reason for this is that it takes a longer than normal time for your mouse clicks to reach the other end and it appears to the user that the application is not responding.

Performing a simple 'PING' test is Troubleshooting 101.

  • Open a Command Prompt by typing the word 'command' in the search box alongside your Windows icon which is located at the very bottom left of your screen (the old Start button location). Select Command Prompt Desktop App from the results
  • Type the following command and press Enter: ping -t

From the results, you should see a number followed my 'ms' eg time=51ms. This means, it took 51 milliseconds to send a small packet of data to Google and back via your Internet.

If your result is less than 100 your experience will be OK.

If your ping times are more than 100, your MYOB will be feeling like it is slow and you should:

  • Restart your router by powering off for 3 minutes and powering back on again
  • Contact your Internet Service Provider and give the results to them

Browsing a website and sending email is a different set of technologies than your MYOB Hosted service.

Web pages are cached on your PC to make them load faster and speed up the user experience. If an email takes 15 seconds to dispatch (as opposed to 3) we don't even notice.

Making a Remote Connection to a server delivering a Desktop application is dependent on factors including your Operating System (Windows 10, Windows 7), your version of the Remote Desktop application and workstation resources - memory & CPU. Each one of these can and will have a bearing on how you experience (or perceive) the service to be performing.


MYOB provides you with a sample company file to be used for testing or training. The sample file is called Clearwtr.MYO. We suggest that you open the Clearwtr.MYO file and try making some changes. 

If you find after 10 or 15 minutes that working in the sample company file is a much better experience than working in your own LIVE! company file, you should most definitely proceed to the next suggestion - 'Optimisation'.


The MYOB company file benefits greatly from a process called 'Optimisation'. This process removes any redundant data from your company file and is known to improve the performance. 

From within the MYOB application there is a tool for performing file optimisation and we suggest (as do MYOB) that you 'Optimise' your company file at least once a week. 

Company files that grow over time to say 100 MB or more will most probably ALWAYS have some form of corruption and require optimisation.

We have a Knowledge Base article here you should read with instructions on how to optimise your company file.


Performance problems can and will be the most frustrating with any Internet delivered service. There is a vast number of potential hurdles between your PC and the service being hosted out of a professional data centre.

When we open a website and it loads slowly we don't even think to call Google to complain.

Even company files will perform differently depending on their size and the amount of corruption (if any). Optimisation and purging previous years data in a company file can definitely help improve the performance of your service.

Your ozBeanz service is hosted in a Microsoft Azure data centre delivering the very best resources the industry has to offer.

If you have followed the steps suggested above and you continue to experience problems with performance, we suggest you contact your IT Support Technician and ask them to analyse your PC's and network for problems.

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