Cloud Phone System with Tons of Features and Great Call Rates


Cloud Phone


Take your business communications up to a new level and get all the features to make you stand out from the crowd!

A business grade phone system

When you’re a small business just starting out, it can seem like hard work to make it to the top. It doesn’t have to be! With our Cloud Phone System we give small business people the same tools and presence as much bigger businesses.

Take your desk phone everywhere you go

Cloud Phone System includes a software client for smartphones, that lets you use your own office extension from anywhere in the world, seamlessly integrated as if you were sitting at your own desk. Calls to the office are free of charge.

Video conferencing with colleagues and friends

Our Cloud Phone System has integrated web conferencing features that are simple to setup and will save you time and money with hosted video conferencing tools wherever you are and on any of your devices.

Looking for a custom solution?

Our Solution Architects can provide you with a custom made digital solution

What is a Cloud Phone?

Our Cloud Phone System solution is a suite of technologies that includes a business grade telephone and communications system. This solution operates over your Internet connection and delivers a full suite of tools for managing your communications.

What else is included?

The solution includes software for mobile devices so you can use your desk phone on your smartphone. You can also create web meetings using video and voice for staying in touch with your people with a rich set of video conferencing features.

Internet Connection

You just need a good stable Internet connection and we'll look after the rest. Make sure your Internet Service Provider can deliver current, modern Internet speeds and the rest is up to us.

Anything else?

Our Cloud Phone System solution will give you access to a softphone that can be installed on either your Windows PC, laptop, Mac, iPhone/iPad or Android mobile device. You don't need a desk phone (but you can have one too!). 

Why not try before you buy?

Sign up for our free 2 week trial that gives you instant access to a test Cloud Phone System service. 

We'll send you a welcome email with links to download your soft phone client of choice and a configuration file attached. 

Your soft phone can be setup on your machine in minutes and you can immediately begin testing our solution on your own network in your own time.

"Getting Started Guide"