Get the same familiar Office suite to turbo-charge productivity

Includes flexible and simplified monthly billing on all of your Microsoft Cloud Services from your Cloud Solutions Partner


Office 365


Your Office instantly, wherever you go.

Always available from anywhere at anytime

Which do you prefer... PC, Mac, tablet, phone? People work across a variety of devices from different locations and all need a consistent, clean, and fast experience. Office 365 can be accessed from any device at anytime.

All your familiar Office apps on all devices

By using their favourite device, everyone in your organisation can edit or share files from a phone or collaborate from a tablet. Office 365 gives you everything you need with a consistent experience across all devices.

Access to a suite of business applications

You will love the ability to create polished documents, present professionally, get valuable insights from your data, and work together with ease. Office 365 is all of your familiar Office applications and tools, only better.

Looking for a custom solution?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common questions from our customers that may very well give you the answer you're looking for.

What does an Office 365 Subscription cost?
The costs of an Office 365 subscription vary depending on the Subscription Plan you choose and the number of Users that need to be licensed. Each plan has a different set of products and are designed with business needs and budget in mind. You can choose from an Office 365 Essentials plan which just includes the suite of web applications right up to one of the Enterprise plans that includes a full set of applications and features.
Can't I get my Subscription direct from Microsoft?
Yes you can. Microsoft will sell you an Office 365 subscription based on a 'Pay as you Go' plan. You'll provide them with a valid credit card before choosing to pay for the service either annual or monthly. Alternatively, your Cloud Solution Provider is here to answer questions, provide Support and steer you through any migration. You'll pay the exactly the same price for Office 365 but instead of paying by credit card, you'll get a monthly invoice.
Where do I get support for my Office 365 subscription?
Your first phone call is to us. We're here to support your solution doing everything we can to ensure it works just as expected. The full suite of Office 365 applications is constantly evolving and you're likely to want our advice on how to turn something on, switch something off or make one of the applications do something it doesn't do out of the box. That's why you should partner with us and buy your Subscription from a Cloud Solution Provider.
Can I add other Microsoft services to my Subscription at any time?
Once you have a Subscription to Office 365, you automatically get a platform for adding other services like Azure or Microsoft Dynamics 365 licenses and services. More features are being added all the time so even licensing for Windows Server, Windows SQL Server and Microsoft 365 are available under the same Subscription. This means one monthly invoice and one partnership to manage for your entire Cloud journey.
How do I get started?
Getting started is simple and commitment-free. You can contact us and ask to be set-up with an Office 365 Subscription or go to our 'Market' link at the top of the page which will take you to our offers. You'll need to provide us with some basic information and you'll need to choose a name but the online form steers you through all of that. When all else fails, just call us on 1300 73 5556 and you can be up an running in a free 30 day trial within minutes.