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Web Hosting


When your website needs to be online

When you need to give your website visitors fast page load speeds and maximum website uptime, our Web Hosting package delivers that promise. We deliver our web hosting services with a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Start online with a Domain name

Having your own registered Domain name lets your website visitors know they are at the right place. It's your online statement to the world that should match your real-world presence and branding message.

SSL secure website certificates

Website security is an ever increasing concern and you want your visitors to know they are on the correct site. Our SSL certificates can secure the traffic between your website and your visitors for an even safer experience.

Looking for a custom solution?

Our Solution Architects can provide you with a custom made digital solution

Web Developer Access

Easy to use cPanel control panel means you don't need to be a technical minded to use our service. Anyone can make the necessary back-end changes for site performance and to support advanced site functionality.

Always Backed Up

We have you covered with a daily backup which can be restored automatically from the control panel. Regardless of how you deploy your website, we make sure if something goes wrong, you're back up and running in minutes.

All you need is a good stable Internet connection and we'll look after the rest. 

With our Cloud Phone System solution you'll get access to our soft phone that can be installed on either your Windows PC, laptop, Mac, iPhone/iPad or Android Mobile phone. 

No traditional desk phones are needed (but you can have one too!). It's all software based and that means no more expensive IT hardware to fail and go out of date.

Why not try before you buy?

Sign up for our free 2 week trial that will give you instant access to a test Phone System service. 

We'll send you a welcome email with links to download your soft phone client of choice and a configuration file attached. 

Your soft phone can be setup on your machine in minutes and you can immediately begin testing our solution on your own network in your own time.

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